Irish Lottery win caused a feud between school cleaners

July 23, 2009 by  
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A syndicate of 11 school cleaners won £100,000 playing the Irish Lottery which would normally be a cause for celebration but the greed of one syndicate member has caused bad feelings. This Irish Lottery win caused a feud between school cleaners because one of the winners claimed that the win should be split 12 ways with a share going to his wife as she had put the numbers on.

Janitor Jim Hogg from Ayrshire, Scotland demanded that the Irish Lottery win should be divided 12 ways, a share for each member of the syndicate and an equal share for Mrs Hogg. When the lucky lottery winners discovered their lucky win they agreed to give Mrs Hogg £1,000 as a thank you gift for placing the bet but this didn’t satisfy Mr Hogg who claimed that he and his wife should receive £16,666 and the other syndicate members should get £8,333 each, even though Mrs Hogg doesn’t actually pay to play the lottery with them. Since this dispute the cleaners want to leave Mrs Hogg out completely when the cash is divided, giving the extra £1,000 to charity. The greedy actions of Mr and Mrs Hogg have caused tension in the local community with of the winners shouting abuse across the street at Mr Hogg.

10 years ago when the syndicate of cleaners first started playing the Irish Lottery they drew up an agreement stating that any win would be split equally eleven ways. The syndicate also enrolled the assistance of the deputy head teacher at the time to witness and sign the agreement. A legal representative is quoted as saying that Mrs Hogg has absolutely no case stating that she merely acted as an administrator, and as she wasn’t actually a part of the venture would have no legal claim to any portion of the Irish Lottery payout.

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