Irish Lotto Winners Plan to Buy Indoor Slide

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A couple in their early 40s say they will spend some of their €7.3 million Irish Lotto winnings on a dream house, complete with pinball table and indoor slide! The pair eventually came forward to collect their bounty after matching all six main numbers in the draw on Saturday 19th September on a ticket bought from the Supervalu shop at Dun Laoghaire’s Killiney Shopping Centre.

Their entry was valid for eight draws and the couple admitted they didn’t usually check their numbers until all the draws had been played, but as the husband recalled in The Journal, “I’d heard on the radio that a syndicate had won the jackpot, and I usually wait until the 8 draws are over on the ticket before I check it. So I put it into a ticket checker in a shop in Killiney and the message told me to contact National Lottery offices.

I thought ‘that’s strange’ so when I went back to the office, I put in the numbers on the web checker and all these fireworks went off. But I still didn’t believe anything great had happened.”

It was only after he returned home and checked again online that the family began to accept that they were due a big payday. They celebrated with their young children by going out for desserts and have now compiled a wish list for their newfound fortune.

The indoor slide will be a major feature of the family’s new dream home, for which they are now hunting after years of renting. They also intend to buy a popcorn maker, install a home cinema and take trips to Disneyland in Florida, Jamaica and to Venezuela to witness lightning storms.

If you would like to follow in their footsteps, Irish Lotto tickets are on sale for tonight’s €3.5 million draw and you can get hold of them at authorised retailers in Ireland or through the link on the homepage, wherever you are. good luck!

Irish Store Strikes it Lucky by Selling Second Winning Lotto Ticket

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A supermarket in Ireland could lay claim to being the luckiest place in the country after selling a ticket worth €5.9 million for Saturday’s Irish Lotto draw. It is not the first time a lottery player has enjoyed success at the store, after a couple scooped €10 million in 2013 with a €4 Quick Pick Lotto ticket bought there. The store also sold a €1 million Christmas Millionaire Raffle ticket in 2014.

The Tesco in Mullingar, Co Westmeath already has a famous association as it is where Bobby Horan, father of One Direction singer Niall Horan, works as a butcher. The latest Lotto winner bought their €16 ticket on the day of the draw but has yet to come forward to claim their prize, leading store manager Joe Ryall to admit that there has been plenty of speculation about the identity of the lucky customer.

“We’d like to think that it was one of the local customers who play lotto here every week that won,” he told the Irish Mirror. “The rumour circulating around town is that it was a syndicate.”

Saturday’s result may persuade some lottery fans to make special detours to Mullingar to buy their tickets, but others prefer to enter online. A syndicate from Dublin did just that and were the last winners of the Irish Lotto jackpot before a run of eight rollovers prior to the weekend.

The group of four work colleagues wish to remain anonymous but have come to National Lottery offices to collect their £2 million prize, scooped on Wednesday 8th April, and were happy to recall the moment they realised they won. One member said: “We started buying our tickets online in January as it’s so handy.

“I was on holiday in April and didn’t realise we’d won until I got back. My first reaction when I checked the account was that it must be a mistake. I sent one of the others a screenshot of the ticket and called him and said, check your messages – you won’t believe this!”

Another €2 million jackpot will be on offer on Wednesday and players who fancy getting involved don’t have to find their way to Mullingar or even any other authorised retailer in Ireland. Tickets are available online so the chance is there for anyone who enters to snap up a life-changing sum of money and become the latest winner of the Irish Lotto.

1 million EuroMillions prize has gone unclaimed

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A massive £1 million EuroMillions prize has gone unclaimed and as of 5:30pm on Thursday the money can no longer be claimed because the 90 day window to collect EuroMillions prizes has now passed.

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Irish Lottery win caused a feud between school cleaners

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A syndicate of 11 school cleaners won £100,000 playing the Irish Lottery which would normally be a cause for celebration but the greed of one syndicate member has caused bad feelings. This Irish Lottery win caused a feud between school cleaners because one of the winners claimed that the win should be split 12 ways with a share going to his wife as she had put the numbers on.

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