Jewellery to be displayed with lottery cash

September 23, 2009 by  
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Gold jewellery which was discovered at a special Anglo-Saxon grave in a farmer’s field in Cleveland will be displayed at the Kirkleatham Museum courtesy of cash from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The jewellery is to be displayed with lottery cash and will be the focal point of a new Anglo-Saxon gallery in the museum.

The jewellery comes from a rare Anglo-Saxon ‘bed burial’ which was how female dignitaries were occasionally buried in those times. During this process the female’s body is laid out on a wooden bed and surrounded by all of her gold jewellery. Due to the rarity of such a find, with this example being the best of its kind, the Heritage Lottery Fund has agreed to rehouse the rare jewellery in a brand new gallery costing £274,000 which should be open by next Easter. As always with lottery news of this type there are a minority of people who believe the lottery cash could have been better used, but you can never please everyone.

The Heritage Lottery Fund was founded by Parliament at the same time as the National Lottery to give grants to a wide range of projects involving the local, regional and national heritage of the United Kingdom. The Heritage Lottery Fund uses a share of the money raised by the National Lottery to help many heritage preservation projects. This year, the Heritage Lottery Fund will award roughly £180 million to heritage projects in the UK. Since being founded the Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded over £4.3 billion to projects across Britain.

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