London 2012 At Lotto

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We all play the Lotto week in week out in the hope that the large blue finger of fate points to us and changes our lives forever and for a lucky few this happens and we read their stories in the papers. What we never hear about though are the great causes that benefit from the National Lottery, the charities that have been helped and the lives its has transformed. Right now though every time you play you become part of London 2012 at Lotto and are helping the country hosting one of the biggest sporting events ever.

The Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are being hosted in London next year and the National Lottery will be contributing almost £2.2 billion towards London 2012 and £750 million of this will come from specially designated lottery games. At first you may not think is a worthy cause as it is not your typical charity helping people in need and after all how will this benefit those that live outside the capital? If you dig a little deeper though you find there is a lot more to it.

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Hosting an event such as the Olympics can be a massive boost to the countries financies and the massive influx of tourists and business could be just what the UK needs to give our economy a much needed boost. For a start £6 billion worth of construction contracts has gone to UK companies and it is estimated a similar amount will go to tourism, leisure, hospitality, retail and creative media and this also has a knock on effect of creating thousands of new jobs.

The money raised though the Lotto is going to fund five new sporting facilities that include the Olympic Stadium, a new VeloPark, Aquatics Centre, Handball Arena and Hockey Centre. The recently completed Olympic Park in Stratford is a stunning new 80,000 seater stadium and is just one of the projects outside of London that will help the local community for years to come so next time you check your numbers if you have not struck it luck don’t be too sad because your money is helping put the great back into Great Britain.