Lottery killer has no money to defend herself

March 9, 2010 by  
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Dorice “Dee Dee” Moore, the woman who is alleged to have murdered Powerball Lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare, claims she doesn’t have enough money to pay for legal representation. According to court papers filed last month, the accused lottery killer has no money to defend herself and has requested a public defender to represent her.

Moore allegedly conned lottery winner Shakespeare out of millions of dollars after he became estranged from his family following numerous requests for handouts from his lottery prize. But even though Moore supposedly swindled millions from the Powerball Lottery winner, she now claims that she has only $100 in the bank and has requested a public attorney to defend her in the murder trial.

Moore was arrested after Shakespeare’s body was exhumed from the concrete patio behind the home that she owns with her boyfriend. The lottery winner’s body was discovered following an anonymous tip-off telling local police officers to search the property. On the 2nd of February, following an intensive investigation, the accused woman was charged with the Powerball Lottery winner.

We here at Online Lotto will continue to bring you lottery news stories regarding the Powerball murder trial as it continues.

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