Lottery luck or lottery chance?

October 10, 2009 by  
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Do you believe that superstition and mystical forces make certain people lucky, and decide what happens in this crazy world? If so then somebody must be watching over those lucky lottery winners. Or maybe you believe that the lottery numbers drawn and who the lottery winners are is simply down to chance. So we here at Online Lotto are asking the question ‘Is it lottery luck or lottery chance?’. 

Some people are very superstitious and believe that luck controls all things that happen. A recent survey carried out by UK National Lottery operator, Camelot showed just how superstitious people who buy tickets for the National Lottery really are. Out of 3,000 lottery players surveyed half still avoid walking under ladders or make a wish when they blow out birthday candles, 40% touched wood and cross their fingers and a third of people who buy lottery tickets believe that one magpie is bad luck and two magpies are good luck. A third of UK National Lottery winners who won the jackpot believe that they were given a lucky sign ahead of their lottery win.

Surely winning the lottery jackpot is simply down to chance. The numbers are completely random and with all of the knowledge and technical abilities that Camelot have, every National Lottery draw is scrutinised to ensure complete randomness and fairness without a hint of control from some higher being, mystical force or help from above. It’s pure chance and pure mathematics.

It’s crazy to think that with all the modern day advancements which have dispelled the majority of myths and superstitions, people still rely so heavily on luck. Think about it next time your football team has a penalty and you cross your fingers, next time you look for a second magpie after seeing a first or when you next go to buy tickets for the lottery and choose certain numbers and see how superstitious you are.