Lotto must be won

November 4, 2010 by  
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Did you know that the UK National Lottery rules and regulations state that the Lotto is only allowed to roll over three times before it has to be won? This might mean we miss out on the massive record breaking jackpots offered by other lotteries around the world but on the plus side it means the odds of winning a life changing amount of money are great improved. In the history of the draw there has only been a handful of triple rollovers and this week is one of them so this Saturdays Lotto must be won.

No player matched all six numbers in this week’s midweek Lotto draw so Saturday night we are guaranteed a massive payout. A rollover always sparks everyone’s interest and Wednesday night’s jackpot reached £11.2 million which was almost a million more then was predicted. This Saturday’s estimated jackpot is a whopping £18.1 million but as players the world over join in the fun in the hopes of winning a fortune we could easily see this jackpot exceeded and maybe even reach the £20 million mark.

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If no player matches all six numbers this weekend the prize money drops down to the next level so we could see players matching five numbers and a bonus ball walking away with a multi million pound National Lottery cash windfall. You may think this is an unfair system but it stops situations arising like we saw recently with the SuperEnalotto that did not generate a jackpot winner for over nine months.

The UK Lotto system is a much fairer way of running a lottery and helps share the wealth between more players therefore creating more millionaires. The other benefit of this system is that if no player matches all six numbers and the prize drops down a division your odds of winning are greatly improved. At the moment the odds of matching all six balls are roughly one in fourteen million but the odds of matching five and the bonus ball are a much more impressive one in two million.