Millionaire Raffle at Euromillions

September 9, 2010 by  
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We all know that the Euromillions is one of the best lotteries in the world with a massive following across Europe largely due to the number of rollovers and massive jackpots its produces. Did you know though that each week you also have a second chance of changing your life forever through the Millionaire Raffle at Euromillions and what makes this game even more special is the fact that it is exclusive to UK players so your chances of winning are greatly improved.

Each line of numbers you play on the Euromillions costs you £2 but this also includes one entry into the Millionaire Raffle and every week one lucky player from the UK is guaranteed to win a massive £1 million; that’s 52 extra guaranteed millionaires created each year in this country. You do not need to do anything different to ensure you are entered in to the Millionaire Raffle, simply purchase your lines as you normally do and your special raffle code will be printed on the bottom of your ticket.

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The Millionaire Raffle is drawn on a Friday night just before the main Euromillions draw that is televised at 11.35pm on BBC1. Your special Millionaire Raffle code is made up of nine digits containing three letters and six numbers and if you are lucky enough to match all nine digits then start popping the champagne because you will have won a guaranteed £1 million. If you miss the televised draw don’t worry as you can always check the results online and if you are a winner you have 180 days to claim your prize.