National Lottery winner stole from his employer

July 28, 2009 by  
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A Lottery winner from Cumbria in 2003 who blew his winnings continued to spend, leading him to steal from his workplace. Richard Huddart, a National Lottery winner stole from his employer to pay for credit cards and overdrafts he used to continue his spending after he had blown his winnings.

Carlisle Crown Court were told how Huddart, of Windmill Lane, Cockermouth, had worked his way up to general manager at Cumbria Fresh Product Limited in the 21 years employed by them but in March this year, the company’s director was told by the firm’s accountants that there was a massive outstanding balance of money owed which was an unusually high amount. Also one of Cumbria Fresh Product Limited’s customers rang complaining that money which had been paid didn’t appear on their receipt. The company investigation that followed requested Huddart to come in and discuss the problems, but he replied with a text message to his boss saying he was resigning.

The court heard how Huddart stole over £9,000 from 13 different customer’s accounts. When questioned about the theft Huddart said that he owed £12,000 on credit cards and overdrafts, so he had taken the money from work to pay for them. Mr Huddart’s solicitor said his client had suffered a mid-life crisis, caused in part by his National Lottery win in 2003. The ruling judge adjourned sentencing until August, telling Huddart that she will impose a suspended prison term with an unpaid work order.

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