Powerball Lottery murder trial continues

May 11, 2010 by  
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Dee Dee Moore, the woman accused of killing Abraham Shakespeare, waived her court appearance yesterday as the Powerball Lottery murder trial continues. Moore is accused of murdering $17 million Powerball jackpot winner, Shakespeare, who was found underneath the patio behind Moore’s home in January of this year.

Soon after lottery winner Shakespeare’s numbers came up on the Powerball Lottery in 2006 he was befriended by the accused, who claimed that she would help him manage his lottery windfall. Moore also said that she wanted to write a book about his ‘rags to riches’ story in order to gain his confidence. In the following years Moore spent his money, transferred his property into her name, and finally shot him dead it is alleged.

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Back in March Online Lotto brought you the news that the accused lottery killer had no money to defend herself and requested a public defender from the state. Moore has been charged with first degree murder and since being arrested, has given four different versions of events as to what happened to lottery winner, Shakespeare. Moore even accused her 14-year-old son of murdering Shakespeare.

Moore is the only suspect in the case and she is also the only person who has been arrested for Powerball jackpot winner, Shakespeare’s murder. Moore is also alleged to also have paid a local police officer to keep quiet regarding the investigation.

This lottery news story will doubtlessly continue for a long time yet but we will bring you all of the latest details as the case unfolds.