Winner failed to notice lottery win

August 26, 2010 by  
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When you look at the statistics of National Lottery you cannot help but be amazed. Since the first draw back in 1984 the lottery has given away over £24 million to good causes and awarded over 330,000 grants. In addition to this there are now over 2000 new millionaires in UK who owe it all to those six lucky numbers. Some times though when we look at these numbers we forget about the people behind the winnings, the people whose lives have been changed for ever, people like Graham Pyatt, a winner who failed to notice his lottery win.

Mr Pyatt who is 64 and comes from Mexborough in South Yorkshire chose to open an account on the Lotto site to make it easier for him to buy his weekly lucky dip but did not check his numbers for four days so had no idea he was sitting on a lottery win worth nearly £1.5 million. It was not until he logged on to purchase his tickets for the following weeks draw and checked his numbers that he realised he had won a massive £1,460,850 from the Lotto draw on August 14th; Mr Pyatt said “I couldn’t believe it. I got my son to come round and confirm that it was true”.

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Sadly the new millionaire who spent thirty years working hard as a laboratory assistant in a power station will not be jetting off around the world as he suffers mobility and breathing issues but he says he is only too happy to stay at home with his wife in the home that he loves. Mr Pyatts first thoughts were for his son and said “”I want to use the money to make sure that Steven and his family are looked after, which will make me very happy”.

Online ordering now allows everyone to take part in the National lottery without all of that hassle of heading down to the shops and queuing up to purchase tickets. At times like this when we are having record levels of rain fall the ability to join in the lottery fun without having to leave the sofa is a blessing.