National Lottery funds to repair Truro Cathedral

December 8, 2009 by  
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The Heritage Lottery Fund is to use National Lottery funds to repair Truro Cathedral, as the Cornish cathedral currently has much unsafe stonework and without assistance from the Lottery Heritage Fund could have fallen into a state disrepair. But thankfully the Diocese of Truro can now undertake the much-needed repairs thanks to a £400,000 grant from the National Lottery.

Speaking about the condition of the spite of Truro Cathedral, the Dean of Truro, The Reverend Dr Christopher Hardwick said that the repairs to the stonework were urgent is parts had become very unsafe. This was confirmed by preparatory investigations of the spire funded by a small grant from English Heritage. The 76m tall central spire of Truro can be seen throughout the city and is both a local attraction and also an iconic landmark.

Along with the vitally important restoration work to the spire a portion of the £400,000 Lottery Heritage Fund grant will be used to build a new entrance, create a new education centre which will employ a dedicated full time education officer and National Lottery money will also be used to develop the cathedral green giving wider access to the local community.

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